Milestone Session Guide - FQA's


What do we need to know before we come to the studio?

Please have your child fed before the session, this is a 45-60 min session and breaking for feeding is not typical. Please DO NOT bring snacks to the session (hidden in the diaper bag is okay!) or the child will be focused on the snacks and all chances of getting a shot without “Goldfish” in their mouth Are lost. Same goes for toys/lovies or things that usually make your baby smile. Please leave them in the diaper bag or in the car and we will use them as a last resort. 

What should I bring?

You may bring a choice of outfits for us to pick through – we typically will shoot 2-3 looks in one session. Changing the baby more than that can make them upset. I will also have my personal collection of wardrobe choices available for you.

I recommend the following stores if you are planning to bring along outfits: 

Old navy, zara, gap kids, target, h&m

I recommend sticking to a neutral color palette with no GRAPHICS, text. This will create beautiful images with baby as the focus. items with a natural or vintage feel (think lace, CHAMBRAY, suspenders) photography especially well and have a timeless look.

Do I need to bring Props/Accessories?

I have plenty of accessories/props for both boys and girls that I hand pick specifically based on my style of Photography. I always keep things fresh and continually order new items for my work. As an artist/photographer I do have a specific style and taste that I like to stick with, if you booked with me than chances are you like it! If you have a family heirloom etc. I am MORE than happy to use it for your photos. My style is very neutral, natural, timeless and focuses on your baby rather than the “set-up”.