Family Session - Prep Guide

What to Bring:

first off, lots of smiles, laughter, and energy! my outdoor family sessions are fun and active! i recommend picking footwear that is comfortable so you can get focus on snuggling with your family and have a blast during the session, not sore feet! sessions typically take place in a field/natural setting. BECAUSE of this, there will be typical WISCONSIN bugs around. i highly recommend spraying with a "dry" bug spray with deet prior to the session to protect yourself and your family. I try to select spots that are not overly "buggy" but I am not liable for exposure to mosquitos, ticks, etc as those factors are outside of my control. i also recommend bringing water to prevent dehydration -- we can always stop for a break during the session! thirsty kiddos are not happy kiddos! 

What to wear:

Selecting outfits for a family session can be a daunting task but it truly makes all of the difference in your images! Spending time selecting a lovely wardrobe for your session will not only show off your family's unique style but it will bring a beautiful, consistent look to your gallery.  I have put together some simple guidelines to help make the process easier!

  • A consistent color palette. Select a few colors that you love (neutrals based is totally fine) and select your family's outfits based on that palette for the most part. Here are a few examples of how to think about a color scheme:
    • Navy, mustard, ivory and accents of cranberry
    • Forrest green, ivory and accents  of coral 
    • Brown, olive, ivory and accents of rust
    • This list could go on and on! Pinterest is a great place to look for ideas of course! 
  • Dresses (for mom and daughters). If they are your thing of course! They are always flattering and create beautiful movement in photographs. 
  • Interesting patterns, textures and layers. Adding patterns like a simple plaid, flannel, stripe, floral or geometric pattern in 1-2 pieces of clothing in your family's wardrobe can add interest and detail in photographs. Other great options are through lace or crochet pieces, stylish hats like a fedora or wide brimmed hat, unique shoes or accent jewelry pieces. 

What NOT to wear:

  • Everyone in the exact same color. This appears dull and uninteresting in photographs.
  • Neon colors. These colors tend to photograph poorly and bold colors can reflect unattractively on faces.
  • Shirts and dresses in bright pink, coral or red. Small pops of these colors are GREAT but these colors can reflect onto skin and cast an unattractive color that cannot be corrected in post processing. I would recommend keeping these colors to accents and avoid wearing solids (shirts or dresses) in these colors. 
  • Athletic clothing or sports gear. This includes tennis shoes, any sport team gear and clothing items made from athletic materials like wicking fabric. These items photograph poorly and tend to look distracting in photographs. 
  • Clothing items with large text or logos. These items are distracting in photographs. 

Following these simple guidelines will ensure that your photographs reflect your personal style and look timeless! Avoiding my "what not to wear" items will prevent distraction and ensure that the attention in your images is on your family and the bond that you have together!

Hair and Makeup Artistry: If you would like hair and makeup services, I have fabulous artists who can help with these services. Contact me for recommendations.